4 Must Have Books on HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and jQuery

It was in July 2011 when I recommended SAP Portal and Peripheral Books that every SAP Portal consultant must have. However, SAP front end development paradigm has changed leaps and bounds since then and time has come for a change. I have taken great effort to learn HTML5 fundamental all by myself. I wish someone had directed me to resources I can begin with when I started out.

SAP is changing rapidly and so is the technology that runs behind SAP’s offerings. SAP Fiori is Responsive and all custom Fiori applications can be. But you need to know how to develop a responsive application first. We will come to that later but before that getting hold of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery has become imperative. Why? – Try to edit any standard SAP EAR file for e.g. Ajax Framework or Top-Level-Navigation, and one prominent change you will notice is the use of jQuery. If you don’t know how work with jQuery, how will you even customize the component let alone developing from scratch?

SAP Mobile application development too use jQuery and JSON for data exchange. SAPUI5 use jQuery for all UI manipulation and if you have even tried developing your first SAPUI5 application, you will notice that with jQuery, your can develop lean applications.

Reasons are endless and If I start listing down, this blog isn’t enough. However, I would like to share the resources, some of which I have personally used, so that you can learn basics of latest UI development paradigm instead of shying away. So here are 4 Must Have Books on HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and jQuery to begin with.

HTML5 Black Book

This is a great book and one stop solution for learning all major terminologies that SAP uses in its SAP Mobile & SAPUI5 Developments. One major advantage of this book is you can learn HTML5, CSS3, javaScript, XML and jQuery in ONE SINGLE BOOK. I have recently read a couple of chapters from this books and I must say, this book is a great starting place.

HTML5 Black Book: Covers CSS3, Javascript, XML, XHTML, Ajax, PHP and Jquery (Indian Edition)

HTML 5 Black Book : Covers Css3, Javascript,XML, XHTML, Ajax, PHP And Jquery (Global Edition)

HTML5 Foundations

This is perhaps the most basic books on HTML5. You can learn about all major changes in HTML5, Audio & Video tags, Canvas Properties, Geolocation and so on.

HTML5 Foundations (India EditionHTML5 Foundations (Global Edition)

There is a similar book CSS3 Foundations  that you can take a look at if you are new to CSS3

HTML5 Pocket Reference

I love pocket reference books, who doesn’t? These books are so handy that you can carry anywhere with you and whenever you get free time you can fetch this books and start learning. This is perhaps a must have book on HTML5.

HTML5 Pocket Reference 5ed (Pocket Reference (O’Reilly)) (Indian Edition)

HTML5 Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O’Reilly)) (Global Edition)

Training Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 by Microsoft Press

This book from Microsoft Press is yet another one consolidated book you can use to lean HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. This is extremely exhaustive book and all concepts are covered in minute details. There is no reason you will feel left out when you being SAPUI5 application development after learning HTML5 and similar concepts from this book.

Training Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (Microsoft Press Training Guide) (Indian Edition)

Training Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (Microsoft Press Training Guide) (Global Edition)

I really hope this post will at least inspire you to take up new learning that will help you keep the pace with SAP’s rapidly changing UI development scenario.

SAP Netweaver Portal Governance Strategy E-book

How often have you considered having properly designed governance strategy in your SAP Portal implementation project? Are you or your team aware of what tools and applications can be used to monitor performance of the production system and how to optimize system response time? Do you have a post Go-Live application maintenance strategy that will draw the line between bug fixes or enhancements  and pre Go-Live developments? How often you do performance stress testing of your application before porting to Production system?

If you don’t have answer to any of the above questions, you must read my latest e-book – SAP Netweaver Portal Governance Strategy. In this 15-point handy reference guide, you will find crucial suggestions for a successful SAP Portal Governance life cycle implementation.

In the strategy article, you will find points that can be handy when you plan for Governance in your SAP Netweaver Portal project. This strategy document will not only make you aware of how to implement Governance in a better way, but also give you an edge over other customers you offer similar SAP Portal solutions. You send out a positive note your client that you care of their systems and business and that is why you went beyond typical SAP Portal solution offering and included Governance to be of utmost importance.

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Governance SAP Netweaver Portal Governance Strategy by Ameyablog.com




Some very good books on SAP Portal & peripheral technologies

If I start listing down reasons not to refer to any SAP book then first would be tons of information available online at places like SAP Developer’s Network, forums & blogs. However, I often wonder how vast this topic is when I read questions on SDN. Questions are endless and so are the implementation scenario. The amount of information available is scattered though organized to some extent. In such cases books come to rescue. Despite working all these years, I found it astonishing that there a bunch topics I never was aware of. Certainly, it is very useful to have these books for your reference. I am listing down some of the books that I refer often. Some of them I got from the company library & some I have bought myself.

SAP® NetWeaver Portal Technology: The Complete Reference 

If you are on SAP Netweaver Portal 7.0, this book is a bible for you. The book is phased out into major sections such as Implementation Planning, Infrastructure Design, Installation, Administration, Troubleshooting, Security & add-on topic on SLD (System Landscape Directory). If majority of your work is in admin, then this book would help you a lot. Have inside look at SAP® NetWeaver Portal Technology: The Complete Reference

Developer’s Guide to SAP NetWeaver Portal Applications

As I already said, the first book is helpful to understand portal architecture. However, if you are a developer, there is another book you should use. In addition to topics like User Administration and other content development tasks, it also discuss methods like SSO, External Facing & Transports. It also covers development tools like NWDS, Web Page Composer, WebDynpro & Interactive forms in details. Followed by how-to guide in customizing portal components & creating them from a scratch. You can download a preview copy of this book here or Have inside look at Developer’s Guide to SAP NetWeaver Portal Applications (English and German Edition)

Java Programming with SAP NetWeaver

If you are looking for more specific information on programming, then this book might be of some use. This book covers Java programming as of NW WAS 7.1 release & is completely updated. However, it does not concentrates on WDJ specifically. EJB, Composite applications, Web services etc all are discussed. If you are looking for WDJ only book, then you might think of having a look at  Inside Web Dynpro for Java — 2nd Edition. However, if you are interested in having something of everything, then you might go with Java programming with SAP Netwaver. Have inside look at Java Programming with SAP NetWeaver

In addition above mentioned books, there a few more that I feel would be of great value.

Business Process Management: The SAP Roadmap

BPM is one of the hottest emerging technologies and it is of great importance to every SAP Consultant. Reason? It is purely Java based. So it is quiet obvious that you will have to use WDJ components for generating the UI for a specific BPM task. There by making it one of the contextual technologies we should know. This book covers BPM concepts very well. Right from the how process management has evolved and up to current day scenario, it covers everything. In the 2ndpart of this book, you will find topics such as BPM strategies, roadmap & transitions. However, I found this book shares functional knowledge more than technical. Though it also has topics like designing a process, assigning tasks & ownership, I feel if you are looking at BPM from a pure technical perspective, this book would not be of much help. Have inside look at Business Process Management: The SAP Roadmap

Performing End-to-end Root Cause Analysis Using SAP Solution Manager

As I have already written (Read: 2 reasons for using solution manager diagnostic for portal monitoring) about how solution manager & its diagnostic agent is important in your landscape, this book perfectly complements your performance monitoring strategy. This book uses case study approach to explain functioning of every E2E (End-To-End) tool provided by RCA of Solman. It also guides you to correctly interpret the RCA & monitoring data. If you are interested to work in Portal Governance, performance & monitoring, then this book would be great help to you. You can assimilate the data gathered by CA Wily Introscope with RCA data for designing reports. Have inside look at Performing End-to-end Root Cause Analysis Using SAP Solution Manager